One-month supply

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A set of 28 bags of 50 grams of processed kratom. One bag is enough to make 2 liters of high mitragynine tea.
This kit is enough for two months of daily drinking, for people who are just starting their acquaintance with kratom, and for a month for people with the highest tolerance to mitragynine.


1 review for One-month supply

  1. Leanne Bazinet

    One of my many orders from Burakorn and I could not be more pleased with this wonderful tea. I live countries away and my order arrives quickly always securily packaged. The tea is so fresh and smells wonderful! I have tried many other companies over 7 years and Burakorn comes in number one by far! I love that I can reach Burakorn quickly if ever I needed to enquire about a product, loyal customer for life. Thank you Burakorn, superior product every time!

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