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Introducing our 28-bag set of premium freeze-dried kratom leaves – the perfect kit for anyone looking to stock up on their supply of high-quality kratom tea. Each bag is carefully crafted to contain enough kratom leaves to make 2 liters of high mitragynine tea, providing a two-month supply for beginners and a one-month supply for experienced users.

Our kratom leaves are harvested from the finest trees and then freeze-dried to preserve their potency and freshness. With this kit, you can enjoy the full benefits of kratom without any of the hassle of measuring and preparing the kratom powder yourself.

Whether you’re looking to boost your energy levels, enhance your focus, or simply relax after a long day, our kratom tea is the perfect solution. And with our 28-bag set, you’ll have enough tea to last you for months.

Order now and experience the benefits of our premium freeze-dried kratom leaves for yourself!


8 reviews for One-month supply

  1. Leanne Bazinet

    One of my many orders from Burakorn and I could not be more pleased with this wonderful tea. I live countries away and my order arrives quickly always securily packaged. The tea is so fresh and smells wonderful! I have tried many other companies over 7 years and Burakorn comes in number one by far! I love that I can reach Burakorn quickly if ever I needed to enquire about a product, loyal customer for life. Thank you Burakorn, superior product every time!

  2. Alex (verified owner)

    The best Kratom I’ve ever tried. Last longer than powder, much more potent….its superior in every aspect. The customer service is superbe, always ready to help me. I. don’t have enough words to thanks.

  3. Steve Cole

    The personal customer service is stellar, unmatched by any company. The product is second to none.
    Try it now, there is no way you’ll be disappointed.

  4. Justin Slocum

    I recently purchased this tea for the second time and I have to admit that it is the best kratom I have ever had! I can not drink the powder so I had to switch to tea and after watching a joey talks video on YouTube I discovered this wonderful tea! I use an insta-pot to boil 10 cups worth by using 1 bag, use the soup setting and a half an hour later I have a 2-3 day supply of tea that I put in the fridge. I’m perplexed as to why kratom tea in this form isn’t more popular and more widely available for people like me that cannot drink the green sludge in the stores. I also am impressed with how fast my order arrived. I only had to wait 3 days. Excellent tea!! Thank You for the fantastic product!

  5. Ben F.

    I’ve tried just about everything. NOTHING compares to Burakorn tea. It has become a MUST HAVE in my life. I’m very happy they exist.

  6. Tracy Pacukiewiz

    Tracy Pacukiewiz (verified owner)

    Burakorn tea is the very best! The peace of mind and feeling of calm it gives me is nothing short of miraculous, customer service is top notch, never have I been so well taken care of by any other establishment in my life, a very rare thing theses days, I will be a life long loyal, happy customer, I am truly impressed!

  7. True Review

    this is the best kratom ever discovered. freeze dried is outrageously better, only for experienced users, a whole new league of buzz – True Review

  8. Andrew Wertheimer

    Andrew Wertheimer (verified owner)

    I love this tea! The product is extremely high quality. It is potent and it tastes much better than other kratom products.

    I find it superior to powder. It reduces my pain and gives me a light energy boost without any anxiety.

    The company responds very quickly and is more than happy to accommodate. I find them a pleasure to speak with.

    For my experience, I believe Burakorn is truly worth every penny.

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