Member Agreement

Member Agreement

Regulatory Status: While our kratom product is licensed by the FDA in Thailand, it is not endorsed for consumption by the FDA of the USA.

Research Limitations: As of now, there is a limited amount of long-term research on the effects of kratom on the human body.

Dosage and Individual Response: The dosage of kratom is highly individualized and its effects can vary greatly from person to person. We strongly advise not to exceed a dosage of half a cup per day.

Potential Psychological Effects: In Thailand, there have been reports that prolonged consumption of kratom may lead to psychological issues such as depression and anxiety disorders.

Our Responsibility: We approach our product with caution and manually review each order. We strive not to sell kratom to individuals for whom it might be potentially harmful.

Additional Information: We reserve the right to request additional information regarding your registration application.

Acknowledgment of Risks: By agreeing to this, you acknowledge the potential risks associated with consuming kratom tea. You confirm that you are seeking to improve health, reduce pain, or ease the transition from stronger substances. Furthermore, you confirm that you do not have any psychological disorders.

By checking the box below, you accept all terms and conditions outlined in this agreement.